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The general rule re: relaying dreams is: Keep your subconscious to yourself. Futile, rambling attempts to forge some kind of coherent narrative out of randomly firing synapses are always fascinating to the subject and always either deathly dull or deeply disturbing to the poor person on the other end of the analysis. Your dreams will only make you seem self-centered, vapid, insecure, frightened or depraved, at best, and probably don't really reveal anything important about you, anyway, except your penchant for talking about yourself.

On the other hand, there are exceptions. For instance: If you are Jim Harbaugh, and you have dreamt that you are on a mission to save the world from terrorists within a specific, narratively convenient span of time, then by all means, tell us about it. Tell us everything.

We're all ears, coach. (And just to be clear up front, we don't know jack about any plot. Seriously.)

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Hat tip: EDSBS.

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