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I gave this a small note in this morning's Headlinin', but I want to emphasize just how closely I'll be watching and rooting for the newest South Florida Bull, Sam Barrington, over the next four or five years.

I'm not sure even the recruiting gurus know much about Barrington, a somewhat obscure three-star linebacker from Jacksonville who was thought to be headed to Miami before spurning the Canes for USF Tuesday night. But besides sharing a name with the honourable 18th Century Rear Admiral and son of the 1st Viscount Barrington of Beckett Hall at Shrivenham in Berkshire (now Oxfordshire), young Samuel also has an impeccable flair for spectacle and decor:

... even better was Barrington’s choice of venue for the announcement. Instead of the high school gymnasium or local television station, Barrington chose Eclipse Nightclub, home of “Dirty Dirty Mondays with 25 cent shooters!”

Well, at least he didn't make the whole thing up.

No, Sam Barrington is as real as they come, and surely his rejection is the ultimate, final insult in Miami's long decline. Not because he chose USF, specifically; that's not that strange this year. But back in the day, you show me a mediocre recruit holding court for official business at a raunchy dive he's not even really allowed to enter, legally, and I'll show you a born Hurricane.

If Randy Shannon wasn't on notice, he must be now. Doesn't tradition count for anything?

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Update, 6:18 p.m. ET. Because these points of reference are important, here are two young men from New Jersey -- headed to Notre Dame and Cal, respectively -- who represent the complete antithesis of everything Sam Barrington stands for:

Theo Riddick and Mark Brazinski dance to "Crank That"

I'm told that was a popular dance among the youth at some point in the recent past, but no cultural context can save it from terminable lameness.

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