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Say this for USC: Its turnaround time is about 1/20th of the NCAA's. Two weeks after receiving the NCAA Committee on Infraction's landmark sanctions against the Trojan football, basketball and tennis programs, the university has already filed its official appeal. Gentlemen, start your uncertainty engines!

USC appealed only certain aspects of this month’s ruling. Among the penalties were a two-year bowl ban, four years of probation, scholarship losses and removal of several victories. The school will accept a bowl ban for the upcoming season and certain scholarship penalties in football, but believes the full sanctions were unduly harsh.

USC asked for the two-year postseason ban to be reduced to one year. The school also wants the NCAA’s scholarship reductions in football from 2011 to 2013 to be reduced to five lost scholarships in each season, rather than 10.

The appeals committee doesn't even meet again until September, so you could say the waiting game that's characterized this entire sordid affair hasn't even restarted in earnest yet.

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