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ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe plays second fiddle to no one, especially not some other female reporter who's trying to snake an interview with the winning coach while ESPN is still on the air.

Immediately after Michigan's 23-20 overtime win over Virginia Tech in Tuesday night's Sugar Bowl, Rowe found Wolverine coach Brady Hoke already being surrounded by the competition. So Rowe, veteran professional that she is, did what she had to do: Shove an unsuspecting reporter out of the way and sidle up to Hoke herself for first dibs.

Oh no she di'int!

Hoke, who was probably amused by the two women fighting for his attention (ladies, please: there's enough to go around), promptly goes with Rowe after she boxes out the other reporter, who then stands sheepishly by as Rowe gets that all-important instant reaction for television.

You gotta admire Rowe's form here. She applies the forearm and then walks the woman out of the way until she has boxed her out completely. It's more of a basketball post move, though the reference to a Heisman stiff arm was appropriate, too. Don't hate Rowe for doing her job, sad served reporter. You just have to know your place when ESPN is in charge of a broadcast.

The only thing that would have made this video better was if Rowe had actually knocked the reporter down and then stood over her as she did the interview. Now that would be cutthroat.

** There was a video with this post, but ESPN removed it from YouTube.

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