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Actually, there are two choices here: Either a) Producers at the History Channel consider Barkley the contemporary pinnacle of the evolution of throwing things, or b) They were too lazy and/or cheap to travel outside of Los Angeles to shoot a quarterback they would actually have to pay to get throwing on camera.

At any rate, USC's golden boy QB was more than happy to go in front of a legion of History Channel cameras earlier this week to be filmed for a special breaking down the evolution of man's ability to accurately throw projectiles since prehistoric times. Barkley's task: Wind up, aim at targets mounted on tackling dummies at 10, 20, 30 and 40 yards and smile. The special effect in which the spiraling football from Barkley's arm gradually morphs into an animation of a prehistoric spear that embeds itself in Adolf Hitler's amphetamine-riddled torso will presumably be added later.

The special will air "sometime during football season," possibly in October, most likely between a scholarly examination of Moonshine with Larry the Cable Guy and a documentary about ancient aliens infiltrating a pawn shop. Where, I can only assume, they will uncover a startling new revelation about Adolf Hitler. History!

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