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Tyrod Taylor's already a star in the ACC, where he was the offensive player of the year and posted the best pass-efficiency rating for the second year in a row at the head of the conference's highest-scoring offense. The rest of the country got its education Monday night in the Orange Bowl, particularly the Stanford defense, which had been victimized by a pair of eye-opening Taylor scrambles in the first half. Unfortunately for Taylor and Virginia Tech, they were routed by the Cardinal in the second half

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But that didn't take away from this early in the second quarter, a sideline pirouette that left linebacker Owen Marecic grasping at air and a subsequent rope to running back David Wilson in the end zone that left everyone watching grasping for words:

Take a second to reset your jaw, if necessary. It's OK – just give it a good shove and it'll pop right back in.

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, a few feet from the play on the Cardinal sideline, argued that Taylor stepped out of bounds, even though he told Taylor he never did:

“Tyrod looked over at me and said, `Was I inbounds?”’ Harbaugh said. “I go, `Yes, you were inbounds. And that was one heck of a play, young man.”’

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The throw and catch held up to give the Hokies their first lead of the night, 9-7. Ever resilient, though, Stanford immediately responded with an eight-play, 79-yard touchdown drive to move back in front, 13-9, on a 25-yard touchdown pass from Andrew Luck to Zach Ertz and the Cardinal never looked back. They didn't do it with the flair of a whirling dervish who has a rifle hanging from one shoulder, but it was spectacular nonetheless.

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