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It was fun, but why did he keep calling me 'Theo'? The big shots can have the pointless pressure of the green room in New York. No would-be pro will have a better seat on draft day than Texas receiver Quan Cosby, thanks to the generosity of his famous namesake:

Comedian Bill Cosby has invited former Longhorns receiver Quan Cosby (no relation) and his wife to be his guests at a show in New Jersey this weekend.

"He's taken a huge interest in me," Cosby said this week. "So he's going to be part of our entourage on draft day."

Somehow, the fact that arguably the most famous comedian in the world has taken an interest in a relatively obscure football player solely because they share a not-that-uncommon surname is both hilarious and sad; I envision Quan spending the day fake-laughing as the elder Cosby mugs and makes jokes about how glad he is the boy is finally going to be moving out of the house, then consoling the visibly distraught old man when he doesn't go on the first day. Now, if only Richard Pryor were still around to host Terrelle in 2011 ... that's a draft party you want to be a part of.

Further up the draft boards, it's confirmed: Matt Stafford is going to be the Lions' first pick. Unless, that is, Aaron Curry is going to be the Lions' first pick. MLive.com reports Detroit has already finalized a deal with Curry as a backup plan, as a sort of leverage in its attempts to come to terms with Stafford. As it stands, though, the Georgia slinger might be content to reach a more lucrative agreement with another team -- Matt Ryan got more money at No. 3 last year than Jake Long did at No. 1, and Curry is selling himself as a bargain -- and avoid the Lion trainwreck altogether. 

Is that still a compliment. The Gainesville Sun rolls out a last-second scouting report on Percy Harvin, which both acknowledges his apparent positive test for marijuana at the combine and quotes Mel Kiper as comparing the Gator speedster to Reggie Bush -- in a good way?

"He is different (than past UF wide receivers). He's not a wide receiver, per se. He's a jack of all trades. He's a Reggie Bush with the Saints is what I compared him to since he came out. Not Reggie at USC, but Reggie with the Saints. That's the kind of player he could be — running back, slot guy, receiver, return man. People talk about issues with Percy Harvin. The issue I can say positively for him is he had an injury, he played through it in the national championship game and he made the one big play that turned the tide and allowed Florida to hold on and win. Without him, they don't beat Oklahoma."

Harvin should have been the MVP of the mythical championship game, for the daring counter run out of the end zone on the Gators' epic third quarter touchdown drive alone, a play almost no other player has the change-of-direction to even attempt. The comparison to Bush is a good one, too, but it requires a team willing to be creative: The Saints have to work hard to figure out ways to get the ball in Bush's hands, and the jack-of-all-trades routine in itself almost guarantees some inconsistency. In that role or in a transition to a more traditional wide receiver, whoever takes a shot on Harvin had better have some patience.

Speaking of which: The Charleston Gazette has a pair of articles breaking down Pat White's prospects in a world of statuesque passers. Among the teams allegedly smitten with White's possibilities: the Minnesota Vikings.

Mommy, what is "jacked"? Always competing relentlessly for that recruiting edge, Pete Carroll is hooking 'em while they're young with something called CampPete.com for kids. It is real.

I haven't signed up yet for the "skill drills," but my weekend just got booked solid.

Quickly ... Faculty academic panels are looking for more input in NCAA decision-making. ... The job is Aaron Corp's for now, but Pete Carrol reiterates: "By no means" is USC's quarterback derby over. ... Anderson Russell decides to make Ohio State's spring game interesting, and Buckeye defenders will get their shots at Terrelle Pryor. ... Roommates Marcus Freeman and James Laurinaitis savor their last month of college before committing to a decade of destroying their bodies for fun and profit. ... Speaking of enjoying the college life, Mark Sanchez took in Wednesday's Laker game with a fellow SC student. ... Dezmon Briscoe, he of one of the catches of the year, has been reinstated at Kansas. ... Up-and-coming quarterback prospect Jesse Scroggins is clear about what he's looking for in a school. ... Jimmy Clausen promises the Sporting News that Charlie Weis will not get fired because of his quarterback. ... Nevada linebacker Adam Liranzo and DB Jonathan Ott were named (though not charged) in a police investigation that led to the arrest and dismissal of a Wolf Pack basketball player for carrying a handgun on campus. ... Early commitments are beginning to roll in for Florida, including one from Joe Haden's brother. ... An actual recruit from Montana. ... No more booze in Nebraska skyboxes, thanks to a case of alcohol poisoning last fall. ... Alabama names a street for Gene Stallings' late son, John Mark Stallings, who died last year of Down syndrome. ... What was up with Notre Dame's duck-duck-goose touchdown celebration last Saturday? ... And TCU bans a student reporter for criticizing a Frog quarterback. When I gave the defense a 'D' in my student paper, I just had to answer to the 250-pound, ex-linebacker defensive coordinator.

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