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Manhattan mismanagement mystery. The situation at Kansas State has already gone from bizarre, when an outgoing administration "discovered" a rogue deal that guarantees fired coach Ron Prince $3.2 million in deferred compensation through 2020, to worse, when disgusted donors started threatening to close the checkbooks. But it seems maybe the Prince thing was only the tip of the iceberg:

A scathing audit of Kansas State University reveals a pattern of undisclosed payments, conflicts of interest, poor accounting and possible tax problems for the school, several of its former employees and its athletic department.

The audit, released by the Kansas Board of Regents on Friday, describes thousands of dollars paid to companies owned by current and former university employees. They include head football coach Bill Snyder; former athletic director Tim Weiser; and Bob Krause, a former vice president for institutional advancement and former athletic director.

Among the grislier details in the report, according to the Kansas City Star, include "questionable spending on fees, travel and fringe benefits"; a $500,000 loan from the athletic department to Weiser that the then-AD "was not required to justify or explain"; and 13 payments totaling $845,000 to officials including Snyder, Weiser and Krause that had no supporting documentation, all amid a $2.4 million shortfall in the university's scholarship fund in 2007.

Outgoing president Jon Wefald, on Krause, who resigned in February after a 10-month stint that appears completely disastrous in retrospect: "Bob had too much to do. I probably delegated too much authority to him. I wouldn’t do that again." I think that goes without saying.

If only Tajh Boyd had a brain. Following in-state target Barry Brunetti's commitment to West Virginia last week, the latest meme from Tennessee is the Vols' sketchy quarterback depth past this year -- not that Tennessee coaches are all that picky about who comes aboard (emphasis added):

When it comes to finding a quarterback, Tennessee offensive coordinator Jim Chaney isn't too picky. He's got two major qualifications. "Just get a kid with a brain. A brain and an arm, I think that goes a helluva long way," he said.
"I think you can train them to do whatever you want them to do," Chaney said. "When they get here, they're sponges for the most part and they want to learn."

This is a strange thing to say from a guy on a staff that had one of the top-ranked incoming quarterbacks of the 2009 class, Tajh Boyd, already in the bag when it assumed the reins from Phil Fulmer's staff last December -- a prospect who, given the Vols' dire situation with inept returnees Jonathan Crompton and Nick Stephens, probably could have competed to play right away this fall -- and apparently told him to take a hike because Boyd's "style of play didn't fit Tennessee's new offense." Boyd himself said he eventually chose Clemson, whose immediate prospects at QB are better than Tennessee's, Boyd or no Boyd, because the Tigers don't have an entrenched starter, indicating his desire to play right away. So is Tennessee's position "Tajh Boyd is too stupid to be trained in our system"? Or do they just prefer to cross their fingers for Jesse Scroggins?

Weekend at Bernie's. Following Friday's news that ex-Miami star Bernie Kosar had filed for bankruptcy amid a mountain of debt to various parties, the Miami Herald's Dan LeBatard caught up with Kosar at home for a Sunday feature. It was not a pretty scene:

He just learned the other day, after much trying and failing, how to make his own coffee. This is a man who owned his own jet and helped found companies, plural. But when his new girlfriend came over recently and found him trying to cook with his daughters, she couldn't believe what was on the kitchen island to cut the French bread. A saw.

''I was 25 and everyone was telling me that I was the smartest; now I'm 45 and realize I'm an idiot,'' he says. "I'm 45 and immature. I don't like being 45.''

Especially when you're 45 and a former football player known primarily for "toughness" -- in practice, that means a series of concussions, several missing teeth, a cadaver's ligament in your elbow, permanently gnarled fingers, fused discs in your back and, probably, a premature hip replacement on the horizon. Even if Kosar was still living the high life, it sounds like he'd have to hire a team of nurses to coax his body out of bed in the morning. And make him coffee.

These delicate flowers are killing machines! Florida held its obligatory "Ladies' Day" proceedings over the weekend, and we assume everything was proper, on-schedule and according to plan. Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow and Charlie Strong behaved like perfect gentlemen, and certainly there was no coordinated jumping. No, perish the thought.

Meanwhile, at Tennessee ...

Rocky Top Talk asks, "If Orgeron can get a congregation of middle-aged women to throw off their inhibitions and embrace sixty seconds of pure, unadulterated absurdity, what can he do with riled young football players who are prone to such behavior anyway?" He can take them all the way, of course. All the way.

Quickly ... Former Indiana quarterback/wide receiver Kellen Lewis, booted from the team earlier this year, is transferring to Division II Valdosta State. ... Kyle Calloway, who's started 25 straight games at right tackle for Iowa, will serve a one game suspension against, ahem, Northern Iowa after being arrested for operating a moped while intoxicated late last week. Dude, aren't you a little big for a moped? ... Ohio State Miami (Ohio) signee Austin Boucher found Iowa signee Micah Hyde for a 99-yard touchdown in Saturday's Ohio-Pennsylvania all-star game. ... Dan Hawkins on losing his best playmaker. ... Georgia Tech lands a commitment from the top cornerback in Georgia, but the Bulldogs counter with a corner commit of their own out of Florida. ... Yellow Jacket running back/wingback Roddy Jones, star of Tech's win over UGA last November, dislocated a wrist while lifting weights late last week. ... Michael Oher's replacement at Ole Miss is filling out nicely. ... Auburn's athletic department is giving back to the academic side of the university, and to Jacksonville State. ... Alabama lands its second commitment for the class of 2011. ... West Virginia quarterback-turned-wide out Alric Arnett found his receiving muse during WVU's bowl win over North Carolina. ... Syracuse's Greg Paulus was in New Orleans, taking a few pointers from Drew Brees. ... Florida State runs the 40. ... And maybe someone should force Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier to be a little more specific when the criticize, say, "the Clemson website."

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