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Two-way Tiger. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has insisted since the spring that he would be "shocked" if quarterback Kyle Parker left the team in pursuit of a promising baseball career before the fall, but with Parker looking like a first-round pick in next month's MLB draft, Swinney seems to be conceding on the rubber chicken circuit that the Tigers are more likely to be breaking in Tajh Boyd under center come August: "We don’t know about our quarterback yet; that’s always the No. 1 question, but we won’t know that until June [after the draft]." Not that Tiger fans will have any reduced expectations if it comes down to Boyd, a redshirt freshman who came in with all sorts of hype after spurning Ohio State. [The State]

Us Westerners gotta stick together. Following up on their fledgling steps toward partnering for a Big Ten-style television network, the Big 12 and Pac-10 have been in discussions since last year about forming a joint scheduling alliance in football, similar to the Pac-10-Big 12 Hardwood Series in basketball. Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said "a strategic alliance" with the Big 12 is one of "a few different options on parallel tracks" his conference is looking at to maximize revenue; he then quaffed an expensive port and called for his silk smoking jacket and feather quills with which to commit his musings on man's alienation from nature. Texas is already on board, having set up home-and-home dates with UCLA (2010-11) and California (2015-16), and don't think Oklahoma wouldn't love another crack at Oregon. [Dallas Morning News]

And now, your regularly scheduled anti-BCS harangue. "Mr. College Football" in SEC country, Tony Barnhart, says he has his issues with the BCS, but also has one big question this morning for the small-conference whiners in search of "fairness" from the system: Is the BCS supposed to be fair? The realist answer (Barnhart's) is "No, but life isn't fair" – the power conferences set up the system and pull its privileges and purse strings at their discretion. The idealist answer, obviously, is "No, so ditch the damn thing already." If life isn't fair, fix it so that it is. (One guess which answer wins in the end.) [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Smash this record, won't you? Preseason guru Phil Steele isn't the only one with outsized expectations for Oklahoma this fall: Coach Bob Stoops laid the gauntlet for running back DeMarco Murray during an "OU Caravan" stop in Tulsa, challenging the inconsistent senior to leave his goal of a 1,500-yard season in the dust with one of the best rushing efforts in school history: "I don't think that's enough. I'd sure like to see him at 1,900. Not like we haven't done it. Adrian (Peterson) and Quinton Griffin both were over 1,900. We'll see." Griffin actually came up just shy of 1,900 yards in 2002, but point taken, coach: It's time for Murray to blow up, already. [The Oklahoman]

Quickly ... Former NFL commissioner/new Big East consultant Paul Tagliabue says his new league isn't going down without a fight. ... Vanderbilt offensive lineman James Williams, who started the first two games as a sophomore before a season-ending injury, won't be back this fall due to academics. ... I get Alabama fans freaking out about turnover margin. ...And Auburn preps for another "Big Cat" recruiting weekend.

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