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LSU wideout does not have a great day. As you read this, Terrance Toliver may still be smarting from a tasering he received at the hands of the Baton Rouge police early Sunday morning. The junior wide receiver allegedly got into a fight outside a bar near campus and proceeded to "not cooperate with officers," setting up both the tasering and an arrest on charges of interfering with a police officer, disturbing the peace and public intoxication. (Also scooped up in the melee: freshman basketball player Dennis Harris, who probably has even less standing with the local gendarmes after going 2-14 in conference play this season.) [USA Today]

The award will be a pair of bronzed eyeglasses, and will weigh approximately 100 pounds. The Maxwell Football Club, which presents the Maxwell Award to the nation's best player each fall, is adding the Joseph V. Paterno Award to its repertoire, to be given each year to an outstanding college coach. The exact criteria of the award is still "in the development stage," but will include the impact the coach has had on his community and state as well as his players and university. The award will be presented, along with the Maxwell Award and 12 other football awards the club hands out, at MFC's annual black-tie banquet in Atlantic City. [GoPSUSports.com]

But I'm still a "preferred" walk-on, right? Marvin Kloss, the star kicker who had been promised a chance to earn a scholarship with the South Florida Bulls, may not be quite so deeply ensconced in Skip Holtz's good graces after being arrested for grand theft on Friday. Kloss and an accomplice allegedly boosted property worth more than $8,000 from a house party last month, including a Wii, a camera and a gold bracelet. Previously, Kloss was named to Florida's all-state third team after converting 91 straight PAT attempts and putting 50 of 61 kickoffs in the end zone in 2009; he also had been courted by the Florida Gators. [Naples News]

More news from the Eugene Boys' Choir. Oregon kicker Rob Beard apparently was so drunk he "doesn't remember" shoving a woman to the ground in a Jan. 24 street brawl, but he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of physical harassment on Friday anyway, earning him 100 hours of community service. Also earning 100 hours: Kirby Hawkins and Maurice Peterson, who retaliated to Beard's shove by beating him until he required hospitalization. [OregonLive.com]

Quickly ... This Saban/Auburn kerfluffle should go away quietly, right? ... USC does some buyout-fu. ... No, why would home HD viewers having a better angle on the action than replay officials be a problem? ... Scion of '82 Longhorn Cotton Bowl hero to don the red and black. ... Dan Wetzel on Tressel. ... And hurry, quick, scroll down to view this tiny, hysterical picture of Dan Mullen before it gets bumped by the news of the day.

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