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Maybe the Redskins do predict the election. Political science majors will be shocked – shocked! – to learn that many American voters tend to vote irrationally based on the outcome of football games, according to the National Academy of Sciences. A study comparing game results for 62 major college teams to presidential, gubernatorial and senatorial elections between 1964 and 2008 found that wins in the two weeks before an election boosted incumbents' vote share in the county where a school is located by 1.05 to 1.47 percentage points – enough to swing a nailbiter – and by nearly twice as much after wins by "powerhouse" teams. "Events that government had nothing to do with, but that affect voters' sense of well-being, can affect the decisions that they make on election day," the researchers said. In other words, any kind of good news is good for incumbents: The same team found that basketball fans who knew their team had won after the third and fourth rounds of March's NCAA tournament gave noted hoops fan Barack Obama a 2.3-point bump in approval ratings compared to people who didn't know how their team fared. [Associated Press]

Cross-Kiffin exchange program. USC defensive end Malik Jackson said Monday night he plans to transfer to Tennessee for the fall, making him the second Trojan vet to bolt without the usual one-year penalty since the NCAA handed down major sanctions against SC last month. Jackson told the L.A. Times he wasn't concerned about the sanctions, it was just that Tennessee, you know, asked: "I was playing with my buddies [at USC], but Tennessee hit me up and they said they needed help at the end spot, that I could come in and help them. That sounded better than where I felt I was at with USC." Translation: I think I can start at Tennessee. [Knoxville News-Sentinel, L.A. Times]

They're often mistaken for father and son. Massive Arkansas offensive lineman Anthony Oden – better known as little brother of Portland Trailblazers center Greg Oden – is in limbo after an ill-fated weekend run-in with Fayetteville police, who charged the 6'8", 330-pound sophomore with DWI, careless driving and driving without a license on Sunday morning. The younger Oden worked his way into the Razorbacks' tackle rotation as a true freshman, but may find playing time behind a pair of three-year starters harder to come by from Bobby Petrino's doghouse. [Arkansas News]

I will agree with you by saying this, $200,000-plus in severance is always good. Outgoing Georgia athletic director Damon Evans will get three months' salary on top of a $100,000 bonus he'd earned under his previous contract in exchange for his resignation, which he dutifully handed to UGA president Michael Adams on Monday morning. Evans' much publicized DUI disgrace will likely make him persona non grata in the college ranks for the foreseeable future, but he may already have some interest from the pros. (The South Georgia Wildcats are pros, right?) [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Quickly ... Assessing Ohio State's Zach Boren, one of America's last living fullbacks. ... The Gainesville Sun prints the 29th edition of its 58-part series, "John Brantley ready to take the reins." ... And who will think of the children's necks?

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