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Fiesta! (For lawyers.) Arizona's secretary of state has asked the state attorney general's office to conduct a criminal probe into whether Fiesta Bowl officials violated state laws by reimbursing employees for strategic political contributions. An investigation by the Arizona Republic last year uncovered a whopping $38,000 in donations by 14 employees since 2000, or about $271 per employee per year. (Roughly a third of that reportedly went into John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign.) The BCS haters at Playoff PAC are declaring victory, but Fiesta Bowl chairman Duane Woods is unimpressed: "I'm disappointed because I just think it's a waste of state resources and our time as well." [Arizona Republic]

Redefining "on the take." The anonymous compliance official behind the endlessly useful Bylaw Blog imagines an entirely new category of NCAA violation in response to Florida's investigation into whether center Maurkice Pouncey accepted money from an agent before his final game in the Sugar Bowl, a case that could go down as "the biggest secondary violation ever." The dollar amount involved (reportedly $100,000) is too large to be anything but a "major violation," and it goes without saying that the Gators' 51-24 rout over Cincinnati is probably toast in the record books. But if it's determined to be a one-time incident involving a single player and Florida is found to have done its due diligence in discovering and reporting it, the case could become "one of the first major violation cases solely focused on corrective, rather than punitive, measures." Oh, USC fans will love that. [Bylaw Blog]

Man I knew we should have sprung to upgrade the styrofoam batons. Monday's roundup included an item on the mysterious weekend assault arrest and subsequent suspension of Pittsburgh defensive end Jabaal Sheard, and the details confirm it was one epic rampage: According to police, Sheard brushed off multiple blows from officers' batons to continue his assault on a lone man, Edward Parker, eventually heaving Parker through the glass door of an art gallery – at which point Sheard allegedly set upon his victim again before finally being subdued by pepper spray. Somehow, Parker was lucid enough to refuse paramedics, though he later rode to the hospital with his girlfriend for treatment of "multiple lacerations and contusions to his head and face." Sheard was charged with felony aggravated assault, along with misdemeanors for criminal mischief and resisting arrest. [WXPI TV, via EDSBS]

The weekly mustache waxing will have to go. Fresno State coach Pat Hill has agreed to a contract extension through 2013, but the new deal will pay him less and move the targets for incentives to make them tougher to reach. Like a lot of schools, Fresno's athletic department is caught between rising costs and stagnant revenues, and it's still waiting on Hill to deliver his first conference championship. [Fresno Bee]

Eh, wear whatever you want. Contrary to a line on game tickets that instructs fans to "wear white" to Penn State's Sept. 25 date against Temple, there won't be a hyped-up "White House" game this fall in Beaver Stadium because of the lack of a marquee home opponent: The Nittany Lions' showdowns with Alabama, Ohio State and Iowa are all on the road. What, Michigan is chopped liver now? [StateCollege.com]

Quickly... BCS director Bill Hancock confirms that USC's absence from the Coaches' poll won't affect its opponents' standing in the BCS. ... Missouri linebacker Tyler Crane was kicked off the team for "undisclosed disciplinary reasons," which do not include any legal issues. ... And even at his own wedding, Colt McCoy can't escape Tim Tebow's shadow.

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