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Those who love us most must be driven from the grounds. Attending Colorado practices is a privilege, not a right. So you can thank a few Buff "fans" for ruining it for everyone by leaking video and obscure information online:

Coach Dan Hawkins decided to close practices to the public beginning with Thursday's session because he said too much detailed information about schemes, players' roles and injuries was being published in blogs, on message boards and in the mainstream media through the first 10 days of practice.

"I'd love to have fans come," he said. "It's great. We want fans to come. We want fans to be a part of it and all that, but I don't think we should be scouted in the spring. I'm the kind of guy who is a trusting guy. Unfortunately that trust doesn't always go very far."

Can CU partisans still trust Hawkins' insistence on a 10-win season this fall? If not, then don't worry, coach: They can be trusted to stay away in droves.

He may be a luddite, but you still can't stop him. Tim Tebow, too, would love for fans to come by, bring the kids, get an autograph, maybe a quick check-up or whatever. But these eBay leeches, you can't trust 'em:

Just as Tebow finished a casual, smiling interview with reporters after Wednesday's practice, he quickly turned to a Gators media relations employee and said "just the kids." If he would have said anything else, the uproarious crowd would have muffled his words. Fans looking for autographs formed a long line about 30 yards from the Sanders Practice Field doors, setting a scene reminiscent of what it's like to follow Tiger Woods for 18.

The crowd was about 60 percent grownups, which is what makes Tebow so suspicious.

“I wish we could just get all the EBay guys out, that would be great," Tebow said. "Then we’d sign for every kid. ..."

Tebow's not only wary of eBay -- according to the Orlando Sentinel, the "Heisman Trophey Winner" doesn't do the Twitter or the Facebook: "I just go to class, go work hard." That's a philosophy Urban Meyer can get behind.

You thought he looked at the school Web site, son? That's a lap. Via their coach's Twitter feed, Juice Williams and Chris James bring Illinois' "Teammate Game" to an ignominious end:

A video or other embedded content has been hidden. Click here to view it.

Watch Juice and C.J. get owned by Jeff Cumberland and Chris Duvalt. It's an embarrassment, really.

JayPa, newsbreaker? Some minor intrigue Thursday, when Jay Paterno's Twitter feed -- previously notable for its short "Following" section -- featured a short Tweet informing readers that the Big Ten had passed a restriction on night games in November, according to Adam Rittenberg's Big Ten blog for the Worldwide Leader. The item was later removed from JayPa's feed and appears nowhere else in the major Big Ten-area papers. So another primetime showdown between the Lions and Ohio State on Nov. 7 remains ... off the table? If JayPa reports news as well as he develops quarterbacks, we're going to say, "no."

Quickly .. Chip Kelly's first choice for the open assistant position at Oregon? Jon Gruden. ... Phil Fulmer and Lane Kiffin have "missed each other" around Tennessee's athletic complex. Maybe good for Phil, after an horrendous day for Vol quarterbacks. Considering we're talking about Vol quarterbacks, that's pretty dire. ... Three guesses which Big Ten offense wants to use the fullback more often. ... USC quarterback Matt Barkley impresses coaches during his best day of spring practice, and the Trojans are settled at linebacker (Surprise: No Luther Brown). Plus, a Joe McKnight sighting. ... Percy Harvin might be in danger of falling out of the first round of the draft. ... Paul Johnson hasn't always been as big a deal as he thinks he is. ... The Liberty Bowl, threatening the ire of the Doc, will remain on Jan. 2 for the second year in a row. ... Receiver-turned-linebacker Dan Sheeran becomes the sixth player to leave Syracuse since the start of spring practice. ... Easter wishes from Coach Stew. ... Austen Arnaud is still the quarterback at Iowa State. ... Don't ask Alabama defensive tackle Kerry Murphy to do a backflip, even though he can. ... Don't let construction keep you from Oklahoma's spring game. ... And, since it's Friday, what the hell: Cheerleaders for the sake of cheerleaders, even if none of them are actual cheerleaders.

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