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What if they held a pro day and nobody came? Such was nearly the fate of early exiting Ball State quarterback Nate Davis on Friday, when only the Indianapolis Colts showed up to watch him throw to various Cardinal receivers on BSU's home field, and that's probably only because it wasn't much of a drive for them. For Nate's sake, I hope the Colts liked what they saw as much as the local Muncie Star Press and mentor Steve DeBerg: Davis' stock is apparently plummeting, from day one possibility to late-round afterthought due to his size, Ball State's shotgun-based offense and ball security issues (he has a weird grip on the ball and fumbled multiple times in both of BSU's season-ending losses to Buffalo and Tulsa).

So they have doubts about the kid. Isn't that the guy you want to take an extra look at? Even if you pull an Andre Smith at your workout, no fate can be worse than being ignored.

Oh, Ladi. A month after the actual arrest, The State has a very detailed account of the alleged drug deal that briefly landed South Carolina defensive tackle Ladi Ajiboye in the pokey for a "hand-to-hand transaction" witnessed by Columbia police on Feb. 21. Before Clemson fans get too hot and bothered, Ajiboye is not exactly reviving Jimmy Johns Enterprises here: The drug in question is marijuana, which was also found when police pulled over his car (driven by USC offensive lineman Terrence Campbell, who was not charged). Simple possession of pot is a misdemeanor in South Carolina, which probably won't land Ajiboye any dire legal consequences, though he is indefinitely suspended by Steve Spurrier as the Gamecocks resume spring practice. With that said, Tiger partisans may commence heavy-breathing hyperbole concerning their neighbors.

In other arresting news: Three Louisiana Tech players walk into an establishment called "Rabb's" on the I-20 service road between Ruston and Grambling. There's only one way this story can go from there, really, so brace yourself for the shock: All three Bulldogs left in handcuffs following a fight that sent another recent Tech graduate to the hospital late last week. Police won't release details, but walk-on Carnelius Allen was charged with felony battery and, being a walk-on, has probably laced his last cleat for Derek Dooley; fellow Bulldogs Dennis Moore and Brian White were charged with simple battery and disturbing the peace, misdemeanors that carry "internal discipline" but likely no suspension, according to Dooley, depending on what happens legally.

Our nation's stadium elevators heave a sigh of relief. Unsurprisingly, Charlie Weis will return to the field to call plays this fall despite his glorious return to the press box while rehabbing a pair of bad knees during Notre Dame's Hawaii Bowl rout over Hawaii. Combined with Joe Paterno, teams with head coaches in the booth were something like 10-2 last year, but whatever advantage it extends to a playcaller, if the boss is physically capable of standing with the troops, there's really no choice:

"By a very, very large majority, almost everyone I talked to were overwhelmingly thinking I was thinking way outside the box," Weis said.

Uh, no pun intended, I think.

Go with what temporarily, hypothetically works. One of the more interesting quarterback derbies around the country will be in Virginia, where Al Groh wasn't kidding around about taking some chances: Desperate for an offensive spark, the Cavs will open spring practice with starting cornerback Vic Hall as the starting quarterback. Hall is the former high school QB who pulled double duty in last year's finale against Virginia Tech, taking to the shotgun to run for 109 yards and two touchdowns while holding down his usual corner spot in UVA's near-upset. He missed his only pass attempt in that game and remains a one-trick pony, of course, but that's one more than any other Cav quarterback pulled last year. With his obvious running ability, if Hall even threatens to complete a pass for a first down every now and then, he's got a fighting chance.

Quickly ... The NCAA says thanks but no thanks to Florida State's suggestion that the Association form a "blue ribbon panel" to look into the sanctions dropped on the Noles earlier this month. FSU president T.K. Wetherell also apologized for last week's bizarre press conference rant. ... First Spencer Hall, now Quentin Aaron: The unknown, 6'6", 350-pound actor set to portray Michael Oher in the film version of "The Blind Side" will participate in spring practice with Georgia Tech. ... Is the Tuscaloosa News suggesting Greg McElroy is the de facto favorite to win Alabama's quarterback derby? ... Arkansas is moving ahead with its "quarterback competition" as the Razorbacks just name Ryan Mallett the starter already. ... Everything in this spring practice report is bad news for Vanderbilt. ... Rich Rodriguez has nothing much to say as Michigan starts spring drills. ... Steve Sarkisian has graduated from his Twitter feed to his own Web site. ... Without actually using his name, the AJC slaps Tripp Chandler in the face. ... Thank God you weren't BYU defensive back Scott Johnson last fall. ... Texas recruiting keeps on rolling: The Longhorns landed their 21st commitment for 2010 over the weekend, highly ranked defensive end Reggie Wilson. ... Ex-Oklahoma star Adrian Peterson is not trying to save a community college program in Iowa, after all. ... More than you could possibly want to know about the history of Army quarterbacks. ... And the Chronicle of Higher Education defies you to justify your existence, sports fans.

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