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What doesn't kill you only makes your computer-generated SOS stronger. There was one victory for tougher scheduling over the weekend, when the Pac-10 ignored the calls of critics and its own coaches to return to an eight-game conference schedule: The nine-game, round-robin format is here to stay, which may cost fringe teams their precious bowl slots by denying them the extra non-conference cupcake afforded to teams in the other BCS leagues but earns them our lasting respect in the long run.

Maybe Georgia boss Mark Richt should use the Pac-10 example to emphasize the potential rewards of a tougher slate -- especially one his team is well-equipped to navigate -- instead of complaining about the lack of fluffy pushovers:

“I’m not that thrilled about it,” Richt told the Athens Banner-Herald concerning facing ... games against Oklahoma State, Arizona State and Georgia Tech in 2009.
"One would be plenty," Richt said. "The plan was never to have Oklahoma State and Arizona State and Georgia Tech [in the same season]. That was never the plan." Richt said the plan was supposed to be playing one other BCS team plus Tech in a season … and he’s not in love with even that idea.

Richt also complained about long road trips (presumably, in this case, he means the opener at Oklahoma State, without saying so specifically) and suggests the long trip home from Arizona State contributed to the Bulldogs' flop at home the following Saturday against Alabama. I dunno, though: Maybe all Richt's whining this offseason -- about the schedule, about the location of the Cocktail Party -- is just a little bit of sandbagging, if the new motif in the Bulldog weight room is any indication:

When it comes to the Gators, the man has proven he's a master motivator. Of course it's all part of the plan ...

Speaking of complaining coaches ... Here's Rick Neuheisel "giving credit where credit's due" to USC's ongoing football monopoly but still reaching waaaaaaay into the bag for a new reason to get UCLA backers "ticked off" at the Trojans:

Oh, the gauntlet has been thrown, Carroll. Or don't you want to end the ghettoization of L.A. youth?

Take 'em where you can get 'em. Another twist in Boston College's turbulent offseason, although this one might be a positive, for a change: After losing starting quarterback Domonique Davis last week to academics, the Eagles picked up another option for the job over the weekend in one David Shinskie, who originally committed to B.C. Delaware over Iowa and Indiana in 2003 but opted for a baseball career instead. Now 25, the 6'4", 225-pounder is coming back to campus, where -- considering no other QB on the Eagles' roster this fall has taken a college snap -- he stands an even chance of emerging with the keys to the station wagon.

Quickly ... Houston Nutt doesn't like it, but rules is rules. ... Since 24 arrests!!! in four years is apparently the threshold for over-the-top concern, the Orlando Sentinel chronicles the Gators' legal woes. ... Lincoln police are after Nebraska running back Quentin Castille for failure to appear on a piddling May citation for failing to display license plates. ... Former Utah State coach Brent Guy, now defensive coordinator at Louisville, hasn't exactly settled down in his new town. ... Florida State gets another extension in its appeal to the NCAA to keep 14 wins the Association says were tainted by ineligible players in 2006-07. ... Les Miles has his eye on Jim Tressel's vote. ... UCLA's Osaar Rasshan, who shuttled between quarterback and receiver and was 17-of-44 with two interceptions in three games in 2007, is finished with football following shoulder surgery. ... Syracuse receiver Chaz Cervino is transferring downstate a ways, to Hofstra. ... Like a lot of teams holding their breath this week, Oregon might lose a wide receiver signee to the MLB draft. ... Steve Sarkisian had a good dinner. ... Truly, a wedding cake only a blogger could love. ... Reasons to love your college football team, featuring "Fail Whale" and "Bruce Berry." ... And not that anyone in Baton Rouge needs to be reminded, but the local Advocate completes a fairly lengthy profile of Trindon Holliday, LSU track star, that fails to mention Trindon Holliday, football star.

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