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Mind of Moeller. Tyler Moeller waited patiently behind Marcus Freeman for three years before his chance to move into Ohio State's starting lineup finally arrived this spring, from which the fourth-year junior emerged as No. 1 among a crowded group of contenders at strongside linebacker heading into the fall. Except when players reported for camp on Sunday, Moeller wasn't there. And it's beginning to sound like he won't be around for the season, either:

Linebacker Tyler Moeller remained hospitalized last night in fair condition at OSU Medical Center. Sources said Moeller suffered the injury in July when his head hit the ground while on a family trip to Florida. Some reports have said Moeller, 21, was punched.

Moeller was not immediately hospitalized. He returned to Ohio last week, and apparently suffered a seizure recently.

As indicated by that snippet from today's Columbus Dispatch, the rumors are that Moeller was sucker punched last month at a bar, let it go until the seizure last week and was hospitalized Sunday to undergo brain surgery. An anonymous family member told the Dispatch that Moeller was "doing very well," they expected him to be released soon and they're "confident" he'll play football again -- but probably not in 2009, according to most speculation. Normal recovery from brain surgery would take most of the season, and he'd be unlikely to be cleared to play again before the end of the year. That could open up a window for Andrew Sweat, currently listed as No. 2 on the strongside, or for hyped sophomore Etienne Sabino or spring standout Brian Rolle to move into the starting lineup with some position shuffling; for Moeller, if he returns to the field at all, it probably means a medical redshirt and a sixth year of eligibility in 2011.

Boys will be flame-wielding, drug-dealing boys. To the school up North now, where the Detroit Free Press dug a little deeper into the "violation of team rules" that led to receiver/quarterback Justin Feagin's sudden dismissal from Michigan last week -- just your run-of-the-mill cocaine deal cum attempted arson at the freshman quad:

In Feagin’s first semester on campus, he and [26-year-old friend T.J.] Burke hatched a plan for a cocaine deal.

"I was talking to him one day about how broke I was and somehow this idea came forward," Burke told police. "I had heard about Feagin possibly making deals for people but never witnessed anything firsthand."

Feagin told investigators that "when I first started going to (Burke’s) house he had three big jars of weed up in his room. … One day T.J. was talking to me about some illegal stuff. He was under a lot of pressure because of his financial problems.

"I told him that I knew someone who could get him some cocaine. A few days later he asked me if I had talked to the person yet. I called right then and set up a deal."

You can read the entire police report. Feagin was an eleventh-hour signee in Rich Rodriguez's first recruiting class, and clearly they fell down on the background check: Feagin admitted to selling marijuana in Florida and to assorted arrests (though apparently no convictions) for battery and trespassing before arriving in Ann Arbor, where his efforts to move up the narco ladder ended with his partner lighting a flaming gas can near Feagin's dorm room in March after the drugs never showed.

For some reason, Appalachian State is welcoming Feagin with open arms; needless to say, this is one loss to the Mountaineers Michigan probably will not regret.

UPDATE, 1:29 p.m. ET: Did I say open arms? Right, not so much: Via MGoBlog, Appalachian State now wants none of Feagin's baggage, either, reportedly rejecting his admission on academic grounds. Right. And thus another lost soul returns to the wilderness.

Some guys have all the luck. It's a testament to his pur athleticism and work ethic that ex-Gator Cornelius Ingram, superfreak quarterback recruit turned raw tight end/receiver when Tim Tebow showed up at Florida, managed to endure an entire senior season lost to an ACL injury yet still go in the fifth round at a position he'd only played for two years, one of those as a backup. It's a cruel irony, then, that on the anniversary of the injury that ended his college career, the same ligament turned on Ingram again last week:

Philadelphia Eagles rookie tight end Cornelius Ingram has a torn ligament in his left knee and is likely out for the season.

The team said an MRI taken Saturday revealed the torn ACL sustained on Tuesday. The fifth-round pick missed his senior season at Florida after tearing the ACL in the same knee almost exactly a year ago.

This is not The End for Ingram, officially -- with modern medicine, an ACL tear is not the automatic career-ender it used to be -- but back-to-back tears to the same ligament in consecutive Augusts is about as ominous a fate for an elite athlete as you could construct.

Quickly ... East Carolina assistant coach Thomas Roggeman is undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. ... Nick Saban lets his assistant out of the cage. ... How Mack Brown, too, learned to stop worrying and love the BCS. ... Inside the SEC billboard war in Atlanta. ... Tight end Gerard Atkins becomes the third member of South Florida's 29-man recruiting class to be denied admission to USF despite clearing the NCAA's bar for grades and test scores. ... Receiver Markques Simas, a likely starter for Colorado, was suspended two games for breaking unspecified team rules. ... Following Tim Tebow's lead, Texas seniors said they're growing training camp beards leading into their opener with mighty Louisiana-Monroe. ... The gruesome details of Armanti Edwards' lawnmower injury. ... Joe McKnight is actually healthy in practice for a change. And Matt Barkley hasn't conceded the starting job to Aaron Corp. (Good luck with that, kid.) ... Bobby Petrino may redshirt a few of the 16 sophomores who played last year as true freshmen. ... Arizona State receiver Brandon Smith suffered what looks like a serious knee injury during Saturday's practice. ... More wild realignment fantasies. ... And some fairly realistic realignment fantasies. ... And a few fantasies of grandeur from Bobby Bowden. ... UConn has reported 17 secondary violations over the last five years in its big three sports, football and men's and women's basketball. ... And visitors to Mississippi State this fall should beware the pending rise in Starkville gang rapes.

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