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Oh yeah? Alabama has already contacted NASA. The Auburn recruiting limo unveiled Monday ...

... has already become the Auburn recruiting Hummer.

Hey, they know their clientele.

I'm benching the whole offense! The whole @$*% offense! Recruiting, of course, is also behind the explosion of coaches' Twitter feeds, which are mostly excruciatingly dull reading for non-recruits (with a few exceptions, naturally). But if, like me, you've always been annoyed by coaches who submit to in-game interviews before kickoff or between quarters (the halftime intercept is a little different), you might be even less enthusiastic with Les Miles' relatively ambitious Twitter program this fall:

This fall, Miles will twitter before games, at halftime and after games. He will dictate his observations to a staff assistant who will then type in Miles' "tweets" ...
"Absolutely, it's for recruiting purposes," Miles says. "It allows us to communicate, to those people that subscribe, blasts of information. … It's also an opportunity for those prospects that subscribe to communicate to us."

The comedic potential for uncensored access to a coach's brain when things aren't going well on the field is staggering, but still, I can't help but wonder: Isn't everybody interested in Les Miles' inner thoughts during games, you know, already watching the game? He might as well skip the middle man and sent the feed directly to the scoreboard. (Just make sure those asterisk light patterns are installed first, please. The LSU babies know those words, but the visitors bring their kids, too.)

Just to clarify, I told a confusing lie to avoid confusion. The very weird story of outgoing Nebraska linebacker/new Washington Redskin Cody Glenn made the rounds Tuesday, after Glenn told Washington reporters he was suspended from the Gator Bowl for selling game tickets. Since that would be an NCAA violation, Glenn's story perked the ears of Nebraska's compliance department, which quickly claimed no such transgression ever happened. So, on Tuesday, Glenn came clean -- to an extent:

Washington Redskins draft pick Cody Glenn admitted he lied when he told reporters that his suspension at Nebraska last season was for selling football tickets.
"It was me being dumb, just trying to have people leave me alone," Glenn said. "It's something I said that I probably shouldn't have, looking at it now."
"So many people kept asking me about it, everywhere I go," Glenn said. "That was the rumor out there, so I just said, 'OK, yeah, I sold tickets.'

"It was just so people would kind of leave me alone, just to get them an answer, for people who had to have an answer. There's so much I'm going through, trying to finish up school. And to have people constantly nagging in my ear about 'What did you do?' blah, blah, blah. I got tired of that. That's all that is. I didn't mean to confuse anyone."

Fail on that front, Cody, though we still wish you luck with the 'Skins. But now we have to know: Why was Glenn suspended from the Gator Bowl?

Quickly ... UConn released its post-spring depth chart, with ex-Notre Dame quarterback Zack Fraser on top. ... Free agent quarterback Greg Paulus, thought to be Syracuse-bound, should visit Nebraska later this week. And the guy whose spot on the depth chart Paulus would hypothetically assume, Patrick Witt, is transferring to Yale. (Ooooh, Yale!) ... A "psychological disconnect" between Washington and Washington State factions doomed Washington's highly entertaining bid for state funds for Husky Stadium. ... Arizona State offensive lineman Paul Fanaika, a seventh round pick, was the eighth former walk-on drafted out of ASU, including two first round picks. ... Mark Richt was denied his petition to attend a valedictorian recruit's graduation, and a Georgia Dome game featuring the Bulldogs in 2010 seems like a longshot. ... Florida State quarterback Drew Weatherford, three-year-starter turned benchwarmer as a senior, should fit right in with the Chicago Bears. And Cullen Harper is trying out with the Bills. ... And would you want to talk about your job after beating your colleagues in a golf tournament?

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