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What, Petrino leave suddenly and without warning? Where do you come up with these things? Arkansas corners of the Web went into freak-out mode Wednesday when coach Bobby Petrino's house in Fayetteville showed up on a local real estate site with an asking price of over $2 million, sparking an immediate wave of speculation that led the site to remove the entry altogether. Petrino has left 13 jobs in 28 years, and once tried to leave what would become his longest-tenured gig (four years as Louisville's head coach from 2003-06) after just one season, as part of the infamous Jetgate scandal at Auburn. Of course he has no plans to leave Arkansas, though, according to a school spokesman, who said Petrino was still trying to sell a home from his brief stopover in Atlanta and is looking for more modest digs now that his youngest child has left the nest. Come on, Razorbacks, Bobby Petrino would never leave you. Bobby Petrino couldn't imaging living without – oh my god what is former governor Bill Clinton doing to that giraffe?! [Bobby Petrino runs away to accept management position at suburban Best Buy] [Arkansas News]

Together, we can rule the Mountain time zone! Pac-10 and Big 12 power brokers took what may be the first concrete step toward forming a long-rumored television partnership on Wednesday, when conference admins and athletic directors met in Phoenix to discuss "pooling TV rights" into a "joint network." Presumably, that venture would emulate the wildly successful Big Ten Network in an effort to bring the revenue streams in the Western leagues up to par with rivers of cash flowing into the Big Ten and SEC. Previous visions of the multi-conference network have included the ACC, mainly to bolster its prospects in basketball, but no ACC officials were on hand in Phoenix. [ESPN]

Welcome to the struggle. Elsewhere in the media wars, Tennessee's attorney general handed down a decision earlier this week affirming the University of Tennessee's "broadly defined" control over coverage of and relating to its athletic events, even material produced by independent media outlets. The Knoxville News-Sentinel's Jack McElroy predictably bemoans the movement to view sports as "product to be marketed and sold," and imagines a day when a university-run "media conglomerate" and "sports-entertainment franchise" is the dominant voice in coverage: "If that happens, an organization such as the News Sentinel will have to operate outside of events and make its niche as an unauthorized alternative to the government-run coverage." Hey, it's not so bad out here, you know. [Knoxville News-Sentinel]

Head cases. The Big Ten is instituting a league-wide concussion policy which will require athletes to learn about head injuries and sign a waiver promising to be open and honest about their symptoms. And also not to sue (very important). Dick Butkus would drive to Chicago and give these coddled pansies an old-school Big Ten reality check, but he can't remember where he put his car keys and the sun is like a jackhammer the last few years, anyway. [AnnArbor.com]

. A Chicago law firm is suing Linda Will, mother of former Northwestern cornerback Rashidi Wheeler, for failing to pay legal bills during her lengthy wrongful death suit against the university following Wheeler's death in a preseason workout in 2001. Will fired the firm several times and eventually accepted a $16 million settlement in 2005, on orders of a judge who ruled she used the case in "an attempt to satisfy her own personal interests." [Chicago Tribune]

Triumph d'Kiffin. USC coach Lane Kiffin has officially defeated the attractive but overmatched Danica Patrick in the second round of Esquire's "Sexiest Woman Alive" bracket, sending him into the Sweet 16 round against soccer babe Heather Mitts. Voting hasn't opened yet, but your assignment is clear: Crush Heather Mitts. [Esquire]

Quickly ... Wisconsin and Illinois will move two games from Thanksgiving to early December in 2011-12. ... Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer may have to have surgery to repair a torn bicep he suffered in a fall while exiting a plane. ... Tennessee coach Derek Dooley can't escape questions about Bryce Brown and Aaron Douglas. ... The 2011 draft may be a little slim for the Big East. ... And relieve the stress of finals week with the girls of Arizona State's Undie Run. Watch out for the amateur "Girls Gone Wild" wannabes around the frat houses, though.

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