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Oh yeah, this is going to work out just fine. Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe promised big bucks last month to save his disintegrating conference at the last possible second, and Texas A&M is taking the man at his word: University president R. Bowen Loftin said in a statement/warning Wednesday that A&M "fully anticipate(s) that the Big 12 will honor its commitment" to distribute $20 million a year to its biggest fish, TAMU, Texas and Oklahoma, beginning in 2012. If it doesn't? A&M will "explore every legal avenue" to get its money, according to another high-ranking official, including the much-rumored defection to the SEC the Aggies held over their rivals' heads when it looked like the rest of the Big 12 South was about to bolt for the Pac-10.

This may look like dysfunction, but that's just how it is with a family, man. You know Beebe's totally good for it. It's Beebe, dawg. And A&M wouldn't even be bringing it up, really, except for the layoffs and the $16 million loan the university has to pay back to the athletic department and the suh-weet system it just had put in its Sentra. Hey, a deal's a deal, right? Everything is still cool. Just make it out to cash. [Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, via The Wiz]

It's only bad if you count the sacks. Steve Spurrier has vowed again improve South Carolina's dismal running game, which finished dead last in the SEC last year for the third year in a row. Signing the nation's top incoming running back, Marcus Lattimore, was a good start, but as always, the answer starts up front. [Associated Press]

That looks good. Go take that. Sports, entertainment and media giant IMG has acquired ISP Sports, its primary competitor in media rights partnerships with individual schools, likely giving IMG a virtual monopoly in the realm of corporate sponsorships and local radio and TV deals. Thanks to previous acquisitions, it already has licensing deals with schools responsible for about 75 percent of the $4.3 billion college merchandising market, including Texas, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon and Nebraska; swallowing ISP will add Alabama, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, California, Duke, UCLA, Virginia Tech, Washington and Notre Dame (for football) to the stable, among many others. [USA Today]

They all ask who "White" is. Author/blogger/radio host/Tennessee super fan Clay Travis got a tour of the Volunteer locker room Wednesday, where he took a quick snap of a not-so-subtle advertisement waiting for Vol recruits:

Do you think the compliance department just keeps the secondary violation reporting form open on its computers, like, all the time? Oh, no reason... [TwitPic]

Quickly... An Oklahoman reporter baits Bob Stoops by suggesting the Sooners have "a Texas problem." ... Marvin Austin makes All-ACC, anyway. ... A former South Florida academic adviser is suing USF for racial discrimination. ... Going to Pac-10 media days on a Boise-themed plane. ... And Boise State president Bob Kustra admitted his comments about "nasty, inebriated" Idaho fans "came out harsher than he intended."

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