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For the record, this changes nothing. The statute of limitations for whining about first half officiating errors is halftime, at most, and much less for piddling business like this. But yeah, so, OK, maybe Stafon Johnson didn't technically score on 4th-and-1 on USC's first possession Saturday night:

That sequence occurred less than four minutes into the game. Knowing Ohio State, the Buckeyes would have fumbled in their own end zone for a USC touchdown on the next play, All The Right Moves style, been demoralized by the irony and lost by thirty. Or OSU would have been hit for a safety, given up a subsequent short field touchdown, been demoralized to be down two scores so quickly and lost by thirty. So it probably turned out as well for the Buckeyes as they could have hoped, given that they were bound and determined to lose a game that more or less fell into their laps, anyway.

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Hat tip: Matthew.

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Dr. Saturday

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