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I'm as interested today in solving a few select mysteries as I am in the big blockbuster affairs: Will Syracuse and Washington be appreciably better with their new coaches? Is Greg Paulus a functional Division I quarterback after four years wasting time in random gyms? Is Notre Dame's blue chip-laden offense finally ready for its close-up? Is Greg McElroy a competent coordinator for the burgeoning Alabama death machine? Today, some answers.

What: Game day live blog. All games in play and all comments welcome.
When: First kick at noon Eastern; chat kicks roughly simultaneously. The blog will run throughout the day, through at least the primetime tilts; midnight oil for the really late kicks is a game time decision.
Who: You and all your rowdy friends. Come loud and proud.
How: Hit "Watch Now," enter comments into the available box and do your part to accelerate the slow, agonizing death of conventional journalism.
Why: Because dropping strategic bombs filled with snark and satire on earnest adolescents never gets old. Football!

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