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What's this about Wolverines-Buckeyes losing its luster? Gaze, philistines, into the cold, red eyes of pure hatred:

I dunno, sounds pretty lustrous to me, for another generation, at least.

What: Game day live blog. All games in play, all comments welcome and all colors accepted. Try to keep it civil, please.
When: First kick at noon Eastern; chat kicks roughly simultaneously. The blog will run throughout the day, through the primetime tilts -- although, as intriguing as midnight in Las Cruces may be, don't hold your breath for the midnight-oil tilt in the WAC.
Who: You and all your rowdy friends. Come loud, proud and keeping your head on a swivel. We're not responsible for what may happen if you don't.
How: Hit "Watch Now," enter comments into the available box and do your part to accelerate the slow, agonizing death of conventional journalism.
Why: Because lobbing snarky barbs at earnest adolescents never gets old, especially when your most terrible revenge fantasies are wholeheartedly approved by the vast majority of the populations of entire states. Football!

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Dr. Saturday

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