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The Doc is out of pocket today for the rare live appearance, somewhere among the screaming masses at Missouri and Texas tonight in Austin, and in the attendant, uh, preparation. I usually appreciate the full slate of games on TV, and today’s lineup is not, you know, bad, per se. A couple ranked teams are throwing down in Norman (Kansas at Oklahoma), and Ohio State at Michigan State, especially, is a critical Big Ten game. We’ve all sat through worse.

Let’s just say I don’t expect to have the nervous feeling I’ve had in the past that I’m missing the major business of the day. Texas and Missouri and festivities is the business of the day.

Other than, of course, the weekly live blog forges on in excellent hands, the same rotation of dedicated mods that have overseen its democratic luminosity for the last month or so. When the big upset goes down – or when Phil Fulmer’s threat level goes to critical courtesy of a classic Crooming -- here is the forum to express your more articulate variations on “OMG!”

What: Game Day Live Blog. All games in play.
When: From kickoff of the first games at noon Eastern, through all the live long day.
Why: Like sands through the hourglass, precious and few are the Saturdays that define our lives. They should at least be spent communicating in sophisticated ways about the whirlwind tragedy of Stephen Threet.
Who: You, fan! Come early, come loud, hit “Watch Now,” and don’t hold back. Well, hold back slightly, since this is basically a family blog that doesn’t need to know your personal issues. But re: today’s college football, don’t hold back.

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