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No offense, Oregon State, but with the apparent implosion of Virginia Tech as Boise State's golden ticket into the national championship discussion, the Broncos' BCS fate hinges on their filling entire rivers with the entrails of the unworthy over the last ten games. That begins tonight with the Beavers, the only head on Boise's schedule with any value whatsoever to voters or computers until the season finale at Nevada, at least, in the first regular season game on network television in Boise State history. It's nothing personal. But the polls demand blood.

What: Game day live blog, all games in play, all day long. All comments welcome.
 When: First kickoff is noon on ESPN; blog kicks roughly simultaneously. The primetime battle of wits between Les Miles and Bill Stewart in Baton Rouge will burn the midnight oil, so we may be going into Sunday with this one. Come as you please.
 Who: You and your most colorblind friends, who hopefully either a) Won't be bothered by the blue turf, or b) Will think it's just them and politely refrain from complaining about it every 20 minutes.
 How: Hit "Watch Now," enter comments into the available box and do your part to accelerate the slow, agonizing death of conventional journalism.
 Why: It's September. It's Saturday. It's football. When you think about it, your life really does depend on it, doesn't it?


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