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When Florida offensive lineman Carl Johnson was arrested for violating a restraining order after allegedly stalking a coed on a bus on Monday morning, the exact reason for the order -- stemming from "sexual violence," according to the Gainesville Sun, though Johnson hadn't been arrested -- was a mystery. Thus, the Orlando Sentinel did its due diligence this morning, and uncovered a nightmare (all emphasis added):

The arrest Monday of Gators offensive lineman Carl Johnson stemmed from a petition from a former girlfriend who claimed Johnson "date-raped" her on three occasions from September to November of 2008.

In court documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, the petitioner said on Feb. 9 that her relationship with Johnson from July to December included "regular" physical and emotional abuse.
In the relationship, Johnson would claim to be "play fighting" when "he would shake me, bite me and hit me," the petition states.

Johnson claimed that a goal in life was to "shoot and kill someone," the petition states. When the petitioner told Johnson’s family of the physical behavior and Johnson found out, the petition states, he informed her of his plans to "go upstairs and get his gun." When she told him he could go to jail, he said "I don’t care … at least it would be for something good," the petition states.

Even if you somehow believe a 6'7", 350-pound mauler has a hard time distinguishing between "play fighting" and "domestic battery," multiple instances of rape and violent gun fantasies are obviously sick -- I'm not a psychologist, but literally, it sounds like some kind of sociopathy. Urban Meyer is out of the country, according to the Sentinel, but when he returns, Johnson's locker should be quickly emptied for the duration of the investigation, at minimum. And if any other UF players had anything to do with threatening or otherwise intimidating the girl, as her complaint suggests without specifically alleging such, they should probably follow their teammate on the way out.

Now, not to get all Columbo based on a simple news report, but there are other lingering questions here: How do you date rape the same person three times -- once is usually a deal-breaker, I would think -- and why did the girlfriend wait more than three months between the supposedly last instance of rape (in November, according to the article) and filing the restraining order last week? You've reeled us in with your lurid tales of violence, sex and violent sex, Orlando Sentinel: Now we demand more meat on this skeleton.

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