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Tonight, you may have noticed, marked the return of blessed college football, and the return of sideline favorite Erin Andrews to broadcast television for the first time since her unwitting appearance on that loathsome peephole video flew around the Web last month. The game? Largely uneventful, to put it mildly. Andrews' appearance? Largely uneventful, to put it mildly.

She showed up without fanfare, without undue comment, and carried on her typical duties with all her characteristic poise and professionalism. The Worldwide Leader's college football machine whirred on without a blip as she delivered injury reports and chased a recalcitrant Steve Spurrier down the sideline before and after the game.

So that puts this whole thing to rest, right? Andrews is back, and she's going back to work. The cameras didn't pick up any lewd signs or any catcalls from leering frat boys in the student section. Nobody at home had any reason to feel all creepy. Football returns, and we're going back to work ourselves. Fin.

(And from the "the more things change" department, ESPN stylists continue to display their utter hatred for their on-air talent, swaddling Andrews in an inexplicable scarf surpassed for hideousness only by the Gamecock and Wolfpack offenses. Like the woman hasn't been through enough this summer.)

Welcome back, EA. Game on.

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Dr. Saturday

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