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When the new Yankee Stadium announced last year that it was bringing a bowl game and a series of Army "home" games to the House Steinbrenner Built through 2014, it wasn't entirely certain how they'd even fit a field inside the not-so-friendly confines. The answer: Very carefully.

The stripes went on Wednesday for Army's date with Notre Dame on Nov. 20, the first major college football game in the Bronx (sorry, Fordham) in many, many moons, since Nebraska and Miami sent their coeds straight into Don Draper's clutches for the 1962 Gotham Bowl. One goal post is almost on top of home plate; the other is in straightaway centerfield. Plenty of room on the sidelines, but as with the the football configuration in San Francisco's AT&T Park, you probably want to avoid back-corner fades into the end zone.

Meanwhile, Wrigley Field's first gridiron makeover since 1970 went the other way:

With one sideline running tight down the right field line, Illinois and Northwestern may be forced to share the outfield when they show up for their annual rivalry game next weekend. Anything to draw a crowd.

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