Dr. Saturday - NCAAF

Between an over-excited bell-ringer, half of the student section whispering "Why so serious?" and multiple stormings of the field, Texas Tech fans got about as rowdy Saturday night as 51,000 people can without reenacting the watering hole scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey or trampling on one another's heads. It was probably the biggest, most intense three hours in campus history.

But not everyone in Lubbock was overcome with the pageantry: Tech officials said Sunday that 500 latecomers trying to score tickets around the stadium -- including at least one Raider player trying to get a seat for a friend -- missed out on the fun when they were taken in by counterfeit tickets:

"They got robbed is what it was," said Dave Welsh, Tech assistant athletic director for ticket operations. "These (counterfeiters), I think they hit the big-time bowl games and the Super Bowl and so forth. They look just like our regular season-ticket stock, but the bar codes obviously aren’t going to match. It was heartbreaking seeing all these people get ripped off."

Heartbreaking to miss the game-winning Harrell-to-Crabtree connection and subsequent crowd explosion, yes. But if the same people showed up early for Game Day, they got to survive Bobby Knight, nailing the pick in classic Bob Knight form, and Lee Corso firing a pair of shotguns while blinded by a giant cartoon head for free.

So it's kind of a wash.

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Dr. Saturday

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