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Famous nephew Dylan Favre has the right last name and certainly had the right crazy passing stats and player of the year awards in high school to emerge as a coveted recruit. But it was easy to see during his first collegiate practice Monday at Mississippi State why he was considered a reach for even the bottom rung of the SEC as a lowly two-star prospect: Next to 6-foot-4 starter Chris Relf, Favre looked like the all-time QB for the Lollipop Guild.

That is, he looked like the average adult male, which isn't such a promising description for a Division I quarterback. MSU lists Favre at 5-10, which may be generous. Even if it's not, that only puts him on par with last year's starter, 5-10 Tyson Lee, who captained the SEC's 11th-ranked passing attack and finished with a truly staggering ratio of 14 interceptions to just four touchdowns. (It didn't do him any favors on the goal-line jump pass, either.) So the Bulldogs know well that, Doug Flutie notwithstanding, usually size really does matter.

Not that they're counting on proving otherwise. Favre will almost certainly redshirt this year and should spend the next four behind more hyped redshirt freshman Tyler Russell, who's in the running with Relf for the starting job and could conceivably become a four-year starter, relegating Favre to injury and mop-up duty until his fifth and final year of eligibility. I mean, if he decides to return for his fifth year, which ... well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

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