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ESPN's respectable gridiron studio show, College Football Live will abandon its core audience of warm, right-minded, joy-loving football fans and shut-ins next Monday, when CFL plans to launch a week of shows dedicated to Notre Dame. As a stay-at-home blogger, I frankly don't know how I'll find the strength to draw breath without my daily respite from round-the-clock Brett Favre and PED coverage. (I hear there's baseball on in the afternoons, right?)

Basically, CFL looked around, realized how many shows it had on tap between now and August, and turned into a blog. On tap for Monday is a discussion of what it will take to get the Irish back into a BCS bowl -- this must be an hour-long edition -- followed by an extensive breakdown of the offense on Tuesday; Wednesday, they'll cover the defensive depth chart before returning to the BCS bowl issue on Thursday in terms of "impact players" who can get them there, finally wrapping with a game-by-game breakdown of the schedule ("I don't see any reason they can't win 'em all, Rece, do you?") and a very special chat you won't want to miss with the one and only Jimmy Clausen. Charlie Weis, defensive coordinator Corwin Brown and various players will be stopping by to pad a few minutes offer some probing insight.

Notre Dame is apparently just one of a series of schools the show intends to examine in depth during the long dark of the offseason, but I can think of far better draws than five days of waking up the echoes and hearing Weis explain how his new hoverboard will enable him to coach both sidelines at once and prevent another home loss to Syracuse. (Because they're not playing Syracuse! Mission accomplished.) Why not a week in the company of Mike Leach and his pirate hordes! Pete Carroll performing waterskiing tricks while discussing international relations with a coterie of lovely coeds! The blasted wastelands of Arizona, with your host, Dennis Erickson! We beseech you, Worldwide Leader: Be kind. It's a long march to August, and our patience does not test well.

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