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Somebody in South Bend must know what this is all about:

But if they do, they're not telling:

Most people might assume that the Linebacker bar right below the billboard is behind this; but the general manager of that establishment says that is simply not so.

"It just happens to be a coincidence they have the billboard over the Linebacker Lounge," Greg Delinski said. "We have nothing to do with having that billboard up there."

The South Bend Tribune couldn't get an answer from the owner of the billboard space, either. Maybe it's one of Weis' old NFL colleagues' way of letting him know that, when he finishes his mandatory stint with the plebes, a job will be waiting for him and his decided schematic advantage next year in the pros, where they know real Xs and Os. Quoth the coach: "Welcome to my world."

Whoever it is, at least they're wishing him well.

[UPDATE, 6:03 p.m. ET, Sept. 2]: The South Bend Tribune follows up with the culprits: Ex-ND player turned marketing professor Tom Reynolds claims to represent 50 former Irish players, and concludes, "By definition, a good football coach does not lose games when he has superior talent on the field." That's just your opinion, Tom.

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Hat tip: The Wiz.

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