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For future reference, April 1 is probably not the best date to unveil this kind of project to the world. But I've been personally assured by University of Central Arkansas assistant sports information director Josh Goff that the plan to install purple-and-gray artificial turf at 8,000-seat Estes Stadium is very real, so … Conway, Ark., get ready to get your freak on:

UCA is the first school in the Southland Conference to throw off the ancient chains of chlorophyll, but at this rate it won't be the last: With the increased exposure of Boise State's famous blue turf and the bold "Blood Field" motif at defending FCS champion Eastern Washington, small schools everywhere are upping the ante to find a niche on the national radar. With the alternating colors, though, the Bears are upping the ante for schools trying to make a similar splash. Might I suggest:

• 3-D Field (major home field advantage for the team used to playing on it)
• Ty-Dye Field
• Negative Space Field (white turf marked off in green)
• Urban Mural Field (painted by local Boys and Girls Clubs)
• Jet Black Field of Death

Eventually someone's going to put down a blank white sheet and invite Banksy to do whatever he wants to it, and the jig will be up. But the novelty is fun while it lasts.

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