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Athletes and Twitter have been a hot-button topic for quite some time now, mostly because players say stupid stuff they usually can't take back.

In the case of Maryland defensive lineman A.J. Francis, it's not so much what he said, but who saw it.

On Monday, Francis (@The_Franchyze) tweeted lyrics from the Rick Ross/Kanye West song, "Live Fast, Die Young."

Here's the portion of the lyrics Francis grabbed:

Seems like we gettin' money for the wrong things
Look around Maseratis for the whole team

Within a couple hours, Maryland compliance officers asked him to take the post down.

Careful what you tweet, Terps: Maryland compliance is watching

Can you blame Maryland compliance for acting so quickly?

With everything that's been going on at USC, Ohio State and North Carolina, compliance folks are on high alert to avert any misconceptions about their program and any "extra benefits" their players might be receiving.

Of course, these were just song lyrics, and Francis is known for being one of Maryland's most outlandish athletes when it comes to social media. But, for the sake of avoiding punishment, he took the entire correspondence down.

No harm, no foul, but a definite thumbs up to the Maryland compliance office, which seems to be on top of its athletes' social media dealings.

Curtsy (female version of the hat tip) to Dan Steinberg and the D.C. Sports Bog

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