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One way or another, Bryce Brown is enrolling at Kansas State on Aug. 23. He's just not sure yet how he's going to pay for it. Without the standard scholarship release from his now-former school, Tennessee – weirdly denied last month by new coach Derek Dooley – the once-coveted toast of recruiting circles would be forced to pay his own way in Manhattan for the first year. Without Dooley's OK, the only thing standing between Brown and a KSU tuition bill is Wednesday's appeal to Tennessee officials for a release already.

From ESPN:

Arthur Brown said he and his son had the appeal teleconference with Tennessee on Wednesday and it lasted an hour and a half.

Recently, Tennessee coach Derek Dooley denied Brown's request for a transfer to Kansas State, laying out three specific criteria for his decision.

"Bryce has tried to express why they should reverse the decision," Arthur Brown said. "We expressed how he has felt. We laid out a lot about our family's struggles with illnesses and stresses. I feel we made a good case for an overturn."

The elder Brown said the university should rule within 15 days of the request for an appeal, which in this case means they should know something by Aug. 21.

By then, he said, the family will likely have also spoken with the NCAA in its ongoing inquiry into Tennessee recruiting under departed coach Lane Kiffin. This should surprise no one after last week's revelation that the Vols could face a notice of allegations against the Kiffin regime from on high in the very near future. Arthur Brown told ESPN's Joe Schad that they will cooperate with investigators, because his son – already cleared of a suspected violation shortly after arriving on campus as a mega-hyped true freshman last summer – has nothing to hide, man. He said: "[The NCAA] said they want to talk about the recruiting practices of Tennessee under Kiffin. ... We have no need to be deceptive. If we made a mistake I can say it would not have been intentional. But I think this is about more than Bryce." True. We know it's also about a few overly friendly recruiting hostesses, too. But the rest remains a mystery.

Between Kiffin's abrupt exit for USC and Dooley's refusal to play along with the K-State transfer, the Browns have no reason to protect Tennessee from the NCAA or anything else. If I was a UT official with any say in the matter whatsoever, and I suspected there may be some fire to the smoke being generated by the Kiffin probe, I'd have those release papers on express mail to Wichita by the morning. You know, just in case.

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