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All-Big 12 guard, tattoo aficionado, part-time security guard and all-purpose intimidator Brandon Carter got a few sideways looks in Dallas today for the debut of his latest work of art ($), and for his unique perspective on being the most immediately visible Red Raider in opposing stadiums: "Opposing fans throw batteries. It's kind of fun."

As usual, though, it was Carter's coach who stole the show, characteristically arriving in a gray Under Armour t-shirt and wrinkled khakis, expounding at length on the utter bore that is Twitter and reiterating his support for the craziest playoff proposal in existence:

The mainstream is everybody has playoffs, it involves a lot of teams, none of this, 'Let's have four and play one' or any of that crap. Let's go out there, cut the regular season back to 10 games and you can have some well-placed off weeks, you can have an NIT inbetween to fill in the blanks, and let's have a 64-team playoff. The champion will play 16 games."

Surprisingly, instead of laughs, the only audible reaction that this comment elicited was an audible groan from another print reporter. Much to the sportswriter's chagrin, Leach was quick to respond.

"I'm not off the mark here. You're off the mark," he said, as people around the podium erupted in laughter. "Everybody else does it this way. Texas high school state champion? 16 games. Division II champion? 16 games. Division III? Depending, because some of those guys will fudge on a game, 15 or 16 games. The NFL, the old guys? Even more than that. Everybody thinks that I went into a cave and carved all of this out."

Mike Leach just wants major college football to fit in with the other sports, people. With a well-thought out playoff plan that sends half the country scrambling on a weekly basis for tickets, travel arrangements and eventually a second mortgage to fund the pursuit if their team makes it all the way through six rounds and nearly two months of do-or-die pressure -- you know, like everybody else. Why do the powers-that-be insist on being so weird?

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