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As we settle in for a day defined mainly by its effects on BCS positioning and wait in thrall for the final BCS standings and match-ups to descend on Sunday night, keep somewhere in the back of your mind that the Series' Congressional critics still have the system in their crosshairs for annihilation -- maybe within the next few days, according to the Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON -- House lawmakers are gearing up for a vote as soon as next week on a bill aimed at forcing a national college-football playoff.

Approval of the legislation by an Energy and Commerce subcommittee would represent the most significant action yet by Congress in its oversight of college football. Plans for a markup next week, still tentative as of late Friday, appeared to signal growing congressional support for the idea, which President Barack Obama also backed during the 2008 campaign.

That bill, sponsored by Texas Rep. Joe Barton, would be the same one that's been languishing in committee for almost a year, and wouldn't explicitly force a playoff or even end the BCS: Its only requirement is that the series stop referring to itself as the "championship" and stop declaring a "national champion." Under Barton's bill, those designations would be reserved exclusively for playoff systems.

If there is a vote, there's no indication whether the bill has enough support to pass the House, or to make it out of the other end of the Capitol and on to Obama's desk. If by some miracle it does, we keep hearing from power brokers within the BCS that the result won't be a playoff, but a return to the old, chaotic system of tie-ins that didn't even pretend to crown a definitive champion. I don't know if they'd dare, but the politicians keep creeping closer to calling their bluff.

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Hat tip: Matt Sanderson of Playoff PAC

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