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No doubt Jordan-Hare Stadium was the place to be Saturday night for a wet 'n wild shootout between Auburn and West Virginia, especially in the student section, which rose to the occasion when Planet Earth turned this:

... into this:

... in a matter of minutes, delaying kickoff for nearly an hour and nearly emptying the place in short order. Except, of course, for the AU students, who -- if you couldn't quite make it out in the second clip -- were young and stupid enough and full of enough adrenaline (and a foreign chemical or two, perhaps) to just dare a torrential downpour or swine flu or whatever else you got to interrupt their alternating renditions of "War Eagle" and, naturally, CCR:

They were all dead by morning, William Henry Harrison style, just as their mothers predicted. But the kids did get to see the Tigers come from behind to beat WVU, 41-30, before they went, thus at least temporarily washing away the lingering malaise against halfway decent defenses that dated back to well before last year's collapse. So it was well worth the effort.

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Dr. Saturday

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