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Did you miss Auburn's thrilling victory over Tennessee? Poor fellow/gal. Let me sum it up for you:

You can talk till you're red in the neck about hard-hitting defenses in the SEC, but this was one atrociously-quarterbacked game from every angle. Auburn played the exact same defense on each of Tennessee's many third-and-long attempts, and Jonathan Crompton never cracked it; Chris Todd's arm was so limp and his legs so non-threatening in the zone read game that Tigers fans actually erupted when Kodi Burns came onto the field to direct the final few drives in the fourth quarter. The "decisive" touchdown was an unforced fumble that flew out of Crompton's hand before it reached Arian Foster's gut.

Two first downs in the fourth quarter, combined. Tennessee began six straight drives at midfield or in Auburn territory, scored once and punted five times. Auburn will take it, I'm sure, knowing all too well it could have been worse: it could have been 3 to 2. Even that was more entertaining. But when he can get away with it, punting to glory has always been the Tuberville Way.

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