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Sounds like Frank Beamer's appeal to Hokie fans to "fill Dolphin Stadium with orange and maroon" for the New Year has fallen on somewhat, uh, deaf ears:

OK, now, I am not old. But I have been around long enough to feel some minor assault on my worldview when it becomes possible to get into the Orange Bowl game for less than it cost to park. What is this world coming to?

Ohio State fans aren't feeling the Fiesta Bowl, Texas fans have left 1,000 tickets on the table, even Alabama fans failed to snap up Utah's leftovers for the Sugar Bowl. All of those teams have one reason or another to feel some kind of malaise about where the team ended up -- Ohio State expected a mythical championship bid at the beginning of the year, and Alabama and Texas at the end; Utah fans would have overrun the Fiesta Bowl -- but what is this some kind of boycott? Or is the imploding economy just taking another bloated corporate giant down with it?

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Dr. Saturday

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