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Somewhere, deep in the bowels of Neyland Stadium, there is video evidence of Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron pretending to be reporters for the benefit of a handful of Tennessee recruits, and really -- for Coach O especially, preferably in one those old school fedoras with the press pass in the brim -- this is one of the moments YouTube was invented for, isn't it?

Tennessee reported two secondary violations last month that occurred while hosting football recruits on official visits.

Nine prospects in Knoxville for an official visit on Jan. 16 participated in a mock press conference in Neyland Stadium’s media center after touring the stadium. Coaches asked the prospects questions while they were being filmed.

More evidence that, even when they seem fun or like a good way to keep you from sticking your foot in your mouth, fake press conferences are always a bad idea (unless you're selling beer, but that opens up a whole new can of regulatory worms). I'm serious about the video: Based on their actual press conferences, the fictional version is guaranteed gold, especially if Monte Kiffin got into it.

Also addressed: The smoke machine thing that hit both Kiffin and his old Southern Cal colleague, new Washington boss Steve Sarkisian, with slaps on the wrist for "simulating a game experience" with recruits on their respective campi last month? That's a Pete Carroll routine -- "Kiffin believed the use of a fog machine was permissible because he had seen it used while employed at another school. ... That was most likely Southern California." But the Trojans, they get away with everything.

(Speaking of Sarkisian, his new offensive coordinator, Jim Michalzik, is leaving Washington after less than two months on the job to take a position with Kiffin's old boss, Al Davis, and the Oakland Raiders; this comes less than two weeks after the Huskies' new receivers coach suddenly decided to return to Utah about a week into the job. No word on how much of Michalzik's $350,000 salary he'll keep for failing to make it to his first spring practice.)

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