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USC isn't the only team making uniform news today. To drum up more interest in a rivalry that's lost a lot of luster outside of the military culture, Army and Navy are breaking ranks from the traditional, unadorned look for a set of new "Enforcer" unis, shown here as "Intergalactic Warrior Emerges From the Shadows":

These threads are steeped in military-specific flourishes, including "West Point" and "Boots on the Ground" printed on either side of Army's pants and "Duty, Honor, Country" in place of the Cadets' nameplates on the back, while Navy (though this design kind of looks like Akron's) is meant to evoke the Corps' formal dress uniform and includes Blue Angel wings on the shoulders. And, of course, that other great symbol of our country's global reach, the Swoosh.

But without a doubt, the talk of the day will be Army's camouflage helmets and pants, which I suspect will inspire high school uniforms across "Red America" in short order. As a native Mississippian, I come from people who build their wardrobe around hunting camo, and say without hesitation that the appearance of a camouflage football helmet will rank among the greatest rural fashion innovations of our lifetime. Sporting goods suppliers in hunting towns stand to make a small mint if they can make this happen.

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