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Crazy things have been reported before in the skies over the University of Texas campus in Austin, but there's probably never been a visitor by any means more unwelcome than the one that circled over the administration tower around lunch time today:

Who knew Oklahomans had allocated so much money for pointless, lazily-spelled gloating?

UPDATE: The triumphant site 39-33.com is claiming the banner is the work of a Texas Tech fan in Austin, not Oklahomans. Wait, you mean there were three teams in this discussion?

UPDATE. Oh, the intrigue! An Austin TV station is now reporting that Texas fans were behind the banner, for some bizarre reason. This is more convoluted the BCS race itself. The flight cost $2,200 and elicited the following, disappointingly level-headed response from students:

"Some of us got really upset. One of the guys said he was going to go to the airport and try to catch them when they came off the plane, but I told him that probably wasn't a good idea."

Speaking as a professional, I happen to think that was a great idea, if only to see how the American-Statesman fit "Texas fans assault pilot of plane hired by other Texas fan(s) to flaunt Texas' BCS snub for no particular reason" into a single headline. Why must we be deprived of such small pleasures?

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Hat tip: Charlie.

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