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Looks like Hurricane partisans went the extra mile to create a real ACC Championship atmosphere for today's visit from Marylandi:

This is well after kickoff. The orange is empty seats. And you know, Miami, we get it. You're playing Maryland. The starting quarterback is hurt. The fan base has always been a little ... fickle. The stadium is a good half-hour drive from campus, has none of the dilapidated charm of the old Orange Bowl and assumes a new, soulless corporate title every few months or so. Your town is so interesting.

But for a winning team with sentient conference championship hopes hosting another winning team in a conference game in sunny, 65-degree weather, this is embarrassing even by halfhearted 'U' standards. What is this, a high school championship? Temple? I never bought the growing "hot seat" murmurs surrounding Randy Shannon, but this kind of scene will put everyone on notice fast.

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Screencap via mocksession.com.
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