Dr. Saturday - NCAAF

More evidence that Alabama fans have a real thing for hardware: As promised following 'Bama's BCS Championship win over Texas on Thursday night, Tiders showed up in Tuscaloosa in full force Saturday to see their latest and greatest prize up close at a local Wal-Mart. (As well as, from the looks of it, to enjoy some delicious, refreshing Dr. Pepper® in the process -- just not from the 'A'-shaped display, please. And for heaven's sake, no touching the trophy. Don't think we don't know where those fingers have been.) Nick Saban was not in attendance, likely due to his tendency to begin melting when exposed to flourescent light.

The Birmingham News and Ole Miss-centric blog Friends of the Program both have photo galleries, and I'll give you one guess which one is more flattering to its subject.

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Photo hat tip: Friends of the Program.

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Dr. Saturday

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