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You will never love anything this much:

While playing golf in California, [Jeff] Holt held a few golf tees as he thought about the 17-by-8.5 blank wall in his basement in Huntsville [Utah]. He had hit the wall, so to speak, stumped with what to do next with his basement's decor.

"What are we going to do with a wall that size?" Holt had asked his wife.

"My wife (Jenna) suggested finding a picture of a football game. They have lots of good primary colors," Holt said.

The subsequent mural of Utah's Brett Ratliff and BYU's Cameron Jensen scrambling for a loose ball consumed 104,650 golf tees, $15,000, 400 hours of drilling and painting over eight months and the services of one Weber State art major. You weren't about to ask if it's worth it, were you?

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