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‘A vision’ from God led Lache Seastrunk to Oregon. Now God is leading him away, just in the nick of time.How did Lache Seastrunk, a Texas native with his pick of schools as one of the most sought-after running backs in the 2010 recruiting class, wind up playing more than 2,000 miles away, in Eugene, Ore.? At the time, he told FOX Sports his decision to sign with the Ducks was fueled by divine inspiration:

"I just really leaned on God and asked Him where I really need to be," Seastrunk said. "This is where I came to."

Seastrunk said he considered USC, Auburn and Oregon. He said he prayed to God and asked him for a sign as to which school he should attend. Shortly thereafter, Seastrunk said his father called from prison and told him that he had received "a vision."

"He said he just saw me in an all-white jersey," Seastrunk said. "I was like, 'OK, Oregon has an all-white jersey.'"

That was then. Now, Seastrunk has fled Oregon for his hometown school, Baylor, in the face of a crowded depth chart, an ongoing NCAA investigation involving his recruitment and a family illness back home. But it wasn't any of those things that cut short Seastrunk's original vision quest in the Great Northwest — as he told a local radio host this morning, it was another message from God, this time in the form of a warning:

Host: Oregon's a place that's had a great run, no question about it. … Looking back on it, do you feel like you made the right decision to go there?

Seastrunk: I felt like I did. When I first intentionally went there, I felt like God wanted to be there. But God also does things — God also pulls you out of the storm before it happens. So I felt like something was about to go down and God just wanted me to get up out of there, so… And I feel like I'm back home where people love me and generally care about me and I'm around my family.

To summarize: Yea, Lache hath been delivered from wickedness by a merciful Lord, so that he may be blessed and bear fruit among the Baptists. But He is also a vengeful God. Have the garishly clad idol-worshippers not forsaken His covenant with the NCAA? Verily, the walls of their temple to the false god of the Swoosh shall crumble, and He shall call upon the land a plague of locusts and multi-year scholarship restrictions. And they will tremble and know that He is Lord.

Or something like that. These translations are always open to interpretation.

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