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And it's in on your screen before the Division I regular season even begins!

Welcome back, everybody, to the show that never ends: homemade half-court buzzer-beater videos. Despite the sometimes-grainy footage (as you'll see today's offering is of such variety) and oft-obstructed view thanks to many excited fans' limbs flailing about in front of the lens, we just can't ever get enough of a team winning after a prayer is answered.

And our prayers for some game-winning video arrived earlier than we'd expected.

[Rewind video: Murray State player sinks half-court shot from his knees]

Our first installment for the 2010-11 season comes from Baldwin Citiy, Kan., where, on Thursday night, former Kansas Jayhawks guard Brett Ballard won his first game as head coach of NAIA school Baker University after sophomore Sam Kenney hit an unusual half-court heave of a shot to defeat Kansas Wesleyan.

Unlike many long-distance game-winners, the victorious team didn't inbound the ball before the shot came; Kenney stole it from at halfcourt and sort of shotput the ball with one arm into the hoop from there. And it was a straight, rising shot over a defender's upright arms, too. Awesome, awesome stuff:

[Rewind video: LeBron James' underhand half-court swish]

It took officials 10 minutes of looking at replays to confirm the shot was released in time. Fortunately for Kenney and his Baker teammates, it was.

“To be honest,” said Kenney, who finished with a team-high 12 points and four assists, “there was a lot of luck involved.”

How many times out of 100 could he hit a similar shot?

“Not very many,” Kenney said with a grin. “So I’m glad it wasn’t a H-O-R-S-E game.”

There simply is no law of diminishing returns on buzzer-beaters.

(Hat tip: Deadspin.)

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