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It takes a lot to bring Kansas and Missouri fans together, but CBS managed to pull it off on Saturday afternoon.

As a result of an apparent error by the network, viewers watching the Kansas-Missouri game in the Kansas City market and others throughout the country lost the game with just over three minutes left and instead were sent to the start of other games. The Jayhawks led by nine at that point, but Missouri later closed to within four, ultimately falling 70-66.

It's understandable that CBS would switch certain markets to the start of Michigan-Michigan State or Arizona-Oregon, but taking Kansas-Missouri off the air in Kansas City was an egregious error. In a statement released on its Twitter feed, Kansas City CBS affiliate KCTV apologized for preempting the end of the game and blamed the error on CBS Sports experiencing "satellite issues due to Sun Spots."

Fans of both teams weren't exactly forgiving despite that explanation. They took to Facebook and Twitter in droves to express their anger, especially irate Kansas supporters who did not get to see the Jayhawks clinch their seventh straight Big 12 title at the expense of their most bitter rival.

Some were vindictive ...

Others were proactive ...

Most just used the situation to pile on with Charlie Sheen related jokes ...  

The big lesson from this snafu is that it will be nice to have every NCAA tournament game available in a couple weeks. Better to have the decision for what game to watch be left up to the viewer rather than a network executive. 

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