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If his basketball career doesn't work out, John Wall could always make a living at the long jump.

While chasing a ball bouncing toward the baseline in last night's game against Hartford, the star Kentucky freshman effortlessly leaped over two rows of cheerleaders and a seated row of fans before landing feet-first on a press row table and balancing there for a few seconds before jumping off. It was like one of those fake YouTube clips that demonstrate an absurd amount of athleticism, only this one was very, very real.

I don't care if later this year John Wall dunks while doing a windmill somersault and eating a ham sandwich, it's going to be tough to top this:

Wall appears to leap a solid 18 feet onto the table. To put that in perspective, a long jump of 21 feet was good enough to make the top 20 at the SEC Outdoor Track and Field Championships (and the guys jumping at SECs are the real deal). And they're jumping into a flat pit, not onto the edge of a table three feet off the ground.

Oh, John Wall also had a Kentucky record 16 assists last night.

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