The Dagger - NCAAB

Some of the greatest NCAA tournament moments of the past 20 years, recreated by Lego:

1. Why is Christian Laettner wearing sunglasses in the first clip? Oh, never mind.

2. I was sort of hoping they were going to depict the incident from earlier that game when Laettner stepped on the Kentucky dude's chest. Either that or Thomas Hill sobbing tears of joy on the sideline.

3. The Chris Webber travel/timeout clip is executed to perfection. I even think I saw Lego Ed Martin in the crowd.

4. Jim Harrick's hair and blue suit, for the win:

5. Lego Mike Krzyzewski sort of looks like regular Bobby Cremins:

6. A two-minute clip of Legos playing basketball just made me insanely giddy for the tournament. Thursday can't come soon enough.

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The Dagger

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